Fifteen dogs adopted at pow wow

Published 9:30 pm Saturday, March 21, 2009

The first official Pike County Animal Shelter Bow Wow-Pow Wow was a success, with 15 out of 19 dogs finding forever homes.

Sue Green, the chair for adoptions and programs committee for the PCAS, said she never imagined how successful the day would be.

“This is our first official Bow-Wow-Pow-Wow, and it was better than I could have imagined, even in my wildest dreams,” Green said. “We got so much more than we could have asked for. This now frees up our kennel space so that we no longer have an overpopulation issue.”

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The Pike County shelter can hold 16 dogs at full capacity, and as of Friday night, the kennel was overflowing with 28 dogs.

“I’m just thrilled that the community came out and supported us. Today was all about finding these dogs forever homes, and the citizens of Pike County came out in full force,” Green said. “The four dogs that did not get adopted are still available, along with about five puppies that are currently under medical observation. They are only eight weeks old and should be available soon.”

In the first hour of the pow wow, 11 dogs found forever homes.

“We had 11 adoptions in the first hour, and then we had four more in the last hour,” Green said. “It was such a relief to know that these dogs got some wonderful homes.”

Tim Wheeler and Robert Brown, students at Troy University and roommates, adopted a puppy at the Pow-Wow.

“The shelter calls him John, but I think we are going to change his name,” Brown said. “He stuck out to us, and we connected with him quickly. He’s very playful and sweet.”

Green said that although the focus of the shelter was to find a home for the dogs, the shelter is always taking donations.

“We’re always taking donations, although adoption was at the top of our agenda. We did have someone donate $23 and someone brought dog food,” Green said. “We were just really blessed today.”

For more information on adopting a dog from the shelter, volunteering, or a list of needs for the shelter, visit To make an appointment to see one of the adoptable dogs, call 372-2714 to speak to an animal control officer.

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