Beds offer therapuetic solutions for shelter

Published 8:16 pm Saturday, March 7, 2009

Donna Schubert, Founders Society chair, isn’t sure who was more excited about the Kuranda pet beds that were delivered to the Troy Animal Shelter on Thursday, the dogs or Animal Control Officer Ken Andress.

“Ken was very excited about the beds and the dogs were all over them,” Schubert said. “We’ve received 11 beds and several others are to be shipped. When they arrive, we’ll have enough beds for all 16 kennels at the animal shelter.”

The Kuranda beds are made of a vinyl material and are on frames that sit about six inches off the floor. The beds are designed in such a way that the dogs cannot chew the material so they will last longer.

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Schubert said members of the Pike Animal Shelter realized that the dogs at the shelter were spending 24 hours a day on the concrete floor of the kennel.

“The dogs had to sleep on the concrete and, of course, it was often damp because it was hosed down in cleaning,” she said.

Susan Green, a dedicated volunteer with the Pike Animal Shelter, had seen Kuranda-type pet beds at an animal shelter in Atlanta and suggested them as a possible solution.

“We had thought about some type of stuffed bedding but that would get wet and soggy and ruin,” Schubert said. “When Susan told us about the Kuranda beds, that seem liked a solution. The beds sit off the floor and provide circulation in addition to giving the dogs a dry and much more comfortable place to rest and sleep, so they are in a much healthier environment.”

The Kuranda pet beds were purchased through donations and Schubert expressed appreciation to all of those who helped make the animal shelter a better place for homeless pups as they wait for caring people to adopt them. The Pike Animal Shelter is doing what it can to make life better for shelter dogs. On March 21, the Pike Animal Shelter will sponsor a Bow Wow Pow Wow adoption event for shelter animals at Murphree Park in Troy.

“From 1 until 3 p.m., we’ll have the shelter dogs available for people to get to know and, hopefully, take home,” Schubert said. “We had a wonderful time at last year’s event and had several on-site adoptions. Even the dogs that weren’t adopted enjoyed playtime in the outdoors. We are looking forward to this year’s event and the opportunity for people who are considering adoption to be engaged with the animals. And, hopefully, we’ll be able to sign some adoption papers.”