Disciplinary hearing set for university stabbing

Published 11:13 pm Thursday, March 5, 2009

A disciplinary hearing will take place next week after a stabbing occurred between two Troy University students last Sunday.

As a result of what started as a verbal altercation, Dean of Student Services Herb Reeves said one male student was cut with a box cutter knife at an off-campus location. “The verbal altercation turned into swinging of fists, one of them pulled out a box cutter knife and cut the other one, and in doing so, he also cut himself,” Reeves said.

“When the fight broke up, they took the guy to the hospital.” And, after surgery and several days in the hospital, the victim has been released, Reeves said. “One had to have surgery because of complications to his lung, and he’s now out of the hospital recovering,” Reeves said.

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Reeves said the injured student was stabbed in several places on his body.

Troy University would not release the students’ names or the fraternity they belonged to since they have not held the disciplinary hearing yet. The incident took place on Feb. 22, and both the fraternity and the two in the altercation likely face disciplinary charges from the university.

“We did not release that name because they are going to be taking action against their fraternity. None of them stepped in to help,” Reeves said.