Hospital issues need decisive resolution

Published 5:36 pm Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As the doctor-owners of Troy Regional Medical Center seek to secure funding to complete the purchase of the hospital and meet cash flow obligations, residents across Pike County watch and worry.

The hospital, which is key to our community’s medical infrastructure, hangs in the balance. The Doctors Group, which purchased the hospital a year ago with the backing of the City of Troy and the partnership of investor Gil McKenzie, was supposed to have secured financing and been prepared to fully take over operations of the facility in January.

When that didn’t happen, rumors about the fate of the hospital swirled. Concern about the hospital continues to grow, particularly after a payroll funding scare last week.

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It’s a shame because the hospital is flush with a competent and committed staff, at all levels. And its leaders recognize the need to focus energies on such projects are recruiting physicians and making improvements to the hospital,, none of which can happen while controversy and doubt surround the hospital.

The doctors and investors need to come to a consensus about the future of the hospital. All involved agree that Pike County needs a full service hospital. And while representatives of the City of Troy continue to reiterate that the city doesn’t want to get “back into the hospital business,” we believe ceding control to an objective entity – if only for the short-term – could remove the clouds of doubt swirling around the facility and provide the leadership and stability needed to the hospital.

City leaders were optimistic that some type of resolution could come soon.

We’d like to hope so, for everyone’s sake.