Blessings bring contentment to Ellis

Published 6:15 pm Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mary Ellis sat, alternately joyful and prayerful.

Or maybe joyfully prayerful would be a better way to describe Ellis’ demeanor at the Wednesday morning church service at Troy Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Ellis and several of her friends clustered together with hymn books in their hands – books that they really didn’t need.

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“We know most all of the songs,” Ellis said. “ Then she added with a smile, “It’s so wonderful to have the Lord in your heart.”

Ellis believes that those who gather each Wednesday and again on Sundays for church services at the health and rehab center do have the Lord in their hearts.

Every Wednesday, Ellis and several of her friends attend “church” together and that’s a special time for them.

After the services, Ellis and her friends will spend some time together before going back to their apartments.

“Sometimes I go back and read my Bible and sometimes several of us will get together and sing,” she said.

“We do love to sing.”

Knick, who is the associate pastor at Southside Baptist Church, said the residents at TH&R enjoy lifting their voices in song at the weekly Wednesday morning church services.

“For me to be here to lead the singing and sometimes bring the message is a real blessing,” Knick said. “Being here is a great encouragement to me. These are godly individuals and, actually, I probably get more out of the service than they do. It’s a real blessing for me.”

Warren Kelly, TH&R administrator, said the Southside ministers conduct the Wednesday morning services, “without fail.”

“This service is the best attended regular activity that we have,” Kelly said.

“Most of our residents are church members who are no longer able to attend. For them to be able to come to church and sing is a real blessing.”

And, for Ellis, the Troy Health and Rehabilitation is also a blessing.