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Published 9:46 pm Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some could say it’s the friendly hospitality found in Goshen’s small-town families. Others, it’s the cultural community embedded in the streets of downtown Troy. Still for some, it’s the rich history in the antique city of Brundidge.

But whatever it is that makes Pike County, well Pike County, there’s no contesting what’s the greatest of its puzzle pieces — it’s the people.

And from the service-devoted firefighters in the Hamilton’s Crossroads Community, to the king of Henderson bluegrass, the tales of Pike County’s greatest treasures can be found inside today’s issue of The Messenger.

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In Profile 2009: Pike County It’s the People, The Messenger staff salutes the everyday people who make Pike County a great place to live.

“Profile is our biggest publication of the year and one in which we’re tremendously proud,” said Publisher Stacy Graning. “We’ve long recognized that our people are our greatest natural resource, from the hard workers in the labor force to the artists who share their vision of life with us, to the diverse interests that weave together our collective histories.

“We thought simply focusing on some of those people would give all our readers a chance to appreciate how interesting and fascinating the people of Pike County can be.”

For more than 20 years, The Messenger has been producing Profile editions, highlighting different features of the Pike County community.

Features Editor Jaine Treadwell said this year’s theme is one that showcases a very special part of the community from all aspects of Pike County.

“It’s a wonderful perception of the people,” Treadwell said. “It takes the diversity of the Pike County community to bring us together as a whole. It’s all people that make us the great community we are.”

Graning said the production of Profile has taken a culmination of all The Messenger staff working diligently for months.

And some staffers said it has paid off in final print.

“We’re so excited to have the opportunity to share the thing that we love the most about Pike County — the people. Our editorial staff has put together a wonderful edition showcasing some of the most interesting people in our county,” said Business Manager Wendy Ward.

But it wasn’t just the staff that made Profile come to life. It really takes the whole community.

“Area advertisers understood the importance of this community edition and were excited about showcasing their business,” said Advertising Director Deedie Carter.

“Our award winning creative services department has once again developed top notch advertisements for our local communities.”

Creative Director Stephen Schmidt promises this year’s edition of Profile will be one residents find different from any other.

“This one’s different because the focus is not just on officials. It’s on the every day person in Pike County,” Schmidt said. “You’ll get to meet your next door neighbor.”