Holding court

Published 12:45 am Sunday, February 15, 2009

As Mardi Gras Season comes to a close, it is once again time to name the King and Queen of the Colley Senior Complex Mardi Gras Ball.

The 7th Annual Colley Senior Complex Mardi Gras Gala is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 21, at the Cattlemen’s Complex in Troy. All proceeds will benefit the programs and services at the Senior Center.Six couples will be vying for the coveted title of Mardi Gras King & Queen. For the past five years, that title has gone to the Duke & Duchess of the Order of Joyeaux. Last year’s king and queen, Gus and Kathi King, will crown the new royalty in the coronation ceremony which culminates the night’s festivities.

The royalty this year includes:

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Representing the Order of Joyeaux is Duke Ira and Duchess Mert Thompson. The Thompsons are active member of Spring Hill Baptist Church. Duke Ira was a trucker for many years but has retired to enjoy his beautiful 500+ acre farm in Spring Hill. His interests now include cows, trees and ponds. They are Treasure Forest Landowners and they spend their time cultivating their land to the fullest. Duchess Mert worked at South Alabama Electric Cooperative for 47 years. She too, retired to the farm to help Ira by bushhogging and cutting grass. She enjoys working in her yard and in her vegetable garden. Her greatest love now is playing with her great-grand baby, Ava Grace. The only problem is Ava Grace has to spend her spring and summer months following her daddy, who plays with the Minnesota Twins. Mert has contributed her life to various clubs and organizations, but now she is a “farm” duchess thru and thru.

The other members of the Order of Joyeaux are Gus an& Kathi King, Allene & Jerry Snider, Peggy and Ken Cox, Mary & Mack Gibson, Carol & John Dorrill, Faye and Jimmy Lunsford, Josephine and Charles Meeks, Hilda and Bill Thomas, Martha & Jim Knight, Martha and Richard Girdner, Carol and Jim Hoyt, Richard Metzer, Wilma and Cliff Eubanks, and Ellen Roling.


The Order of Jazz and Blues is represented by Duke Norman and Duchess Jo Rape. They met in high school and have been married for 39 years. Duke Norman retired from Liberty National after 35 years. Since retirement, he has become an avid golfer. He loves to hunt and does lots of yard work. Duchess Jo retired from teaching 32 years at Charles Henderson High School. They have two children – Brett & Betsy; five grandchildren, Zoey, Madison, Bryce, Kathryn & Reagan. Duchess Jo spends all of her free time leading exercise classes at the Senior Center. She loves to paint and draw, but biggest love is reading to her grandchildren.

The other member of the Order of Jazz and Blues are Carol and Mike Amos, Mickey and Cheryl Dichiara, Warren and Kim Kelley, Kenny and Kathy Campbell, David and Julie Lowery, Allen and Annette Owen, GEorge and Vicki Browder, Paul and Susan Outlaw, Dr. and Mrs. Reza Seirfer, Ken and Anne Gates, Peggy and Dale Taylor, Randy and Katie Brown, Scott and Jeanie Swindall, Doug and Trista Kitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Shadron Graham, Herbie and Cinidy Haisten, Steve Flowers and Jennifer Ventress.


The Order of Caramel Delights is represented by Duke Sam Adams and Duchess Deidra Bailey. This Krewe lives life to the fullest and striving to find our what life “dishes” out. Consider the elements in caramel delight; finest ingredients that when mixed together give rise to an appealing, and tasteful surprise to lucky individuals selected to indulge…..Hmmmm…caramel delight. Duke Samuel is retired and his hobbies include gardening and fishing. He has a unique sense of humor and loves to tell corny jokes, which he feels qualifies him to be King. His jovial disposition reflects the joy of mardi gras. He says the Colley Senior Complex is a meeting place for social, nutritional, and artistic splendor; community support ensures a continuation of services for multi-talented individuals with various occupations that ensure continued economic and cultural growth for Troy, and Pike County. Duchess Diedra, a retired college professor, echoes his sentiments by saying Senior citizens represent the past, and bring knowledge and wisdom; they represent the present, simply because they have survived the past to tell life stories, and they represent the future, because without the past and present…. there is no future.

Other members of the Order of Caramel Delights are Carrie and Charles Salter, Daron, Glenda, Ebony, Dorsey and Glenda Fayson, Dr. Jerry Roy and Gladys Roy, Keisa Goshea, Claudia Butler, Janet Motes and Bart Marshall.


The Order of Bachus Krewe is represented by Duke Benny and Duchess Krissy Pinckard. They feel they are the most qualified to be King and Queen because they dated for 24 years before getting married. Duke Benny said it took that long for Krissy to “find herself”.

Besides owing Pinckard Vault & Marble, one of the few total fabrication facilities around, they have launched the new Green Hills Memorial Funeral Home. This project complements the cemetery and is a tremendous addition to the community. Duke Benny spends his “spare” time with his horses, playing tennis and socializing. Duchess Krissy is a drug representative with Pfizer, Inc. which makes her in tune with the benefits of research in the medical field. They are involved in many community and civic organizations and were the 2008 Relay For Life Top Fundraiser for Pike County. They are excited about the opportunity to become the 2009 Mardi Gras King and Queen.

Other member of the Order of Bachus Krewe are Carla and Ed Telfair, Frances and William Davis, Judy and Stan Baxter, Elizabeth and James Motes, Lana and Scott Hartley, Patsy & Jim Colley, Sara and Mack Hixon, Jean and Jim Orendorff, Fay and Mark Johnson, Susan & Tom Murphree, Brenda & Mack McMillian, Martha and Earl Ellis, and Helen and Larry Johnston.


L’ Order de L’ Arlequin is represented by Duke Bobby and Duchess Marilee Hussey. Bobby is a pharmaceutical representative for Pfizer, Inc. and Marilee is a K-4 teacher at Pike Liberal Arts School. They are the proud parents of Mary Michael & Ford. Both attend St. Martin’s Catholic Church and Marilee is active in the Troy Junior Women’s League. Bobby enjoys golfing, baseball and softball and hanging out with friends and family. They are a past Duke & Duchess and hope that this year will be their year to take home the crown. When asked about their worthiness of being King & Queen, they both proclaimed, “they rule at home, so why not here?”

Other members of the L’ Order de L’ Arlequin are Ashlee & John Henderson, Susan & Steve Haug, Stephanie & Matt Baker, Janet Motes & Bart Marshall and Angie & Lee Barnes.


Representing Le Troyens Krewe is Duke Doug & Duchess Dean Hawkins. As newlyweds, they feel it is only fitting they celebrate by being crowned King & Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball. This krewe, always up for a good time, represents Troy University.

This krewe always has the liveliest dressed members who truly reflect the carnival spirit of Mardi Gras. Duchess Dean is a retired school teacher and enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. Duke Doug is a local veterinarian and is the president pro tem of the Troy University Board of Trustees.

Other member of the Le Troyens include Anne and Alan Boothe, Ann Williams, Vicki & John Schmidt, Leann and Marcus Paramore, Jean Laliberte, Janice and Larry Blakeney, and Roy Drinkard.

For ticket information or to donate to the senior center you may call 334.808.8500.