Board approves variance

Published 10:51 pm Thursday, January 22, 2009


After a debate at the board of adjustments meeting Thursday, the members voted to approve a variance for an additional house to go in at a Floyd Street location.

George Browder, who owns the entire block on Floyd Street submitted a request for a 7 foot variance.

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The board expressed concerns because the initial proposal said the lot was approximately 11,000 square feet.

According to board member Donald Kelley, the code calls for 9,000 square foot for one house.

Board member William Wright echoed Kelley.

“We don’t want to go on record approving a house with 7,000 more feet that we weren’t supposed to.”

Board member E.M. Motes also expressed concern over putting another house on land designated for one home.

Another board concern was that members wanted neighborhood to continue to improve.

“Everyone else is trying to improve that area over there,” Kelley said.

“If you start stacking (houses) up, everyone is going to want to stack them up,” Kelley said.

Representing Browder at the meeting was Attorney Allen Jones, who brought in a map from the tax assessor’s office to help clarify the area they were requesting to put the house on.

There is a large vacant area in between the existing houses.

According to Jones and James Davenport, who has been working with Browder on the project, the plan is to put the house back farther than the other homes,

The home has already been moved from its prior location as Browder purchased the home from Troy University.

“We were told as long as we didn’t anchor it, it would be OK to move it,” Jones said.

Jones assured the council that Browder would not put anymore homes on the lot, as there is no room anyway.

“I promise, you, I wouldn’t mislead you if I didn’t think it was a proper request,” Jones said

“If the house didn’t fit, we wouldn’t be here.”

After much debate, Wright made a motion to approve the variance and Jack Norton seconded it.

The board met its 3-2 majority, with Kelley and Motes voting no.

In other business, Dr. Reza and Trudie Seirafi requested permission to build an 8 feet fence, while others in their neighborhood only had 6 feet fence.

“We have two very large dogs – Great Danes and he can look over it,” Reza Seirafi said.

Seirafi said the fence would help prevent barking and eliminate noise, plus there was concern the dogs could knock down a 6 feet fence.

The Seriafis presented the board a letter from a neighbor saying they have no problem with the higher wooden fence.

The board approved the request for the fence.