America’s optimism brings hope to all

Published 12:41 pm Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes, perception leads to reality … or at

least a perceived reality.

And, as any business leader will tell you, perception

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can certainly shape and influence reality.

So we think it’s good news that Americans have

shifting sense of optimism after the inauguration of

President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

According to an Associated Press-Knowledge

Network poll released Wednesday, Americans feel

“more optimistic about the future of the country

now, by a whopping 3-1 margin.

With so many challenges ahead – the economy,

wars abroad, concerns about government effectiveness

and stability – Americans have valid reasons

for concern.

Even President Obama acknowledged the tasks

at hand in his inaugural address, reminding citizens

that this “is the beginning” of the work we must

tackle together, as a nation.

Even with the challenges

ahead, Americans seem to

respond to President

Obama’s rally cry, whether

it was a response based on

his charisma, his confidence

or his policies and

plans remains to be seen.

But, at this point, what

matters most is that

Americans are once again

renewed in spirit and in

hope. Millions turned out

to witness the historic

inauguration in person, filling

the Mall and

Washington D.C. Millions

more watched on television,

listened on the radio

or watched on the Internet.

And, what they saw and heard touched something

… A sense of hope, an optimism, a sense of confidence.

As our new president said, much hard work lies

ahead. That spark of optimism and hope will be

necessary as we forge ahead, working to right our

nation and solve the challenges that we face.