Scale Back could yield big results

Published 10:06 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If each person who signed on for the Scale Back Alabama program offered through Steps to Healthier AL and the Charles Henderson Child Health Center sheds 10 pounds, Pike County will be 2,920 pound lighter in 10 weeks.

Christi Hill, Steps project director, said 292 people signed on the dotted line, thereby pledging to lose at least 10 pounds in the 10 weeks.

Sixty-eight teams weighed in over four days time last week Hill said she was pleased with the response.

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Last year, Pike Countians literally lost a ton of weight during the program and Hill said she expects this year’s participants to be just as committed to the weight loss program that encourages healthier eating and exercise.

“Scale Back Alabama is a statewide contest held the first of each year to encourage Alabamians to get healthier by losing weight and exercising,” Hill said. “This year the coach for Scale Back Alabama will be former University of Alabama football player, Roger Schultz, who was a finalist on last year’s Biggest Loser Couples Show. He is familiar to many people in our area because of his association with the Troy University athletic department.

“At the beginning of the Biggest Loser Contest, Roger weighed 363 pounds. He lost 164 pounds so he will be a good role model for those who are trying to lose weight. During the 10 weeks, he will give tips on how he lost weight and how he’s keeping it off.”

Schulz is challenged with coaching Alabamians to reach a goal of shedding a collective, 500,000 pounds.

“The team captains will provide encouragement to their teammates on a regular basis,” Hill said. “People lose weight at different rates but during the 10 weeks most of them will hit a plateau and that’s when they really need encouragement and support. Starting on Jan. 26, the team captains will begin receiving weight-loss tips, including menus and recipes and nutritional information that they will pass along to their teammates. All of the information is designed to help participants lose weight ‘healthfully.’”

“A pound a week is the best and healthiest way to lose weight,” Hill said. “Those who lose weight extremely fast are less likely to keep it off. When you lose weight at a slower rate, you are more likely to change your eating habits and more likely to keep off the weight.”

The deadline to participate in the 2009 Scale Back Alabama contest has ended for Pike County but Hill said those who want to lose weight are encouraged to find a weight loss program that encourages good nutrition and exercise. Information is available through Steps to a Healthier AL.