Bowl craziness ends tonight with BCS

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This NCAA bowl season has been an interesting one, with many upsets and surprising outcomes and the fun has just begun.

What should be the most interesting thing about this bowl season is what happens after Florida and Oklahoma play for the BCS National Championship tonight. Like in years past, there is controversy surrounding the BCS.

It is ridiculous for the people in charge of this system not to see that it needs to be changed. Yes, it won’t be changed in the first year, but that is what the art of negotiation is for.

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Florida will vie for its second BCS National Championship in three years tonight, but in a lot of people’s minds the national champion has already been crowned. When the Utah Utes shocked the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, they looked like a team who could beat anybody.

I mean they crushed an Alabama team that nearly took out Florida. As their coach and players have been asking all week, what does this team have to do to get some respect?

If the AP does not name the Utes the national champion, seeing as they are the only team left undefeated, then there is something wrong with the writers across the country.

The coaches’ poll will go with whoever wins the game tonight, but the AP has free reign to do whatever they want and they should definitely crown the Utes champions. Some might say they do not play in one of the top conferences, but the fact remains no matter who they played they did not lose.

No matter what conference you play in it is hard to go undefeated, especially when you end your season with a team that had been ranked No. 1 for the five weeks preceding the SEC Championship game.

So when you are watching the Gators and the Sooners square off tonight just remember what the Utes did to the Crimson Tide and hope the AP does the right thing.

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