Goshen to decide about building

Published 3:20 pm Thursday, January 1, 2009

A building that has stood as a major part of Goshen’s town history will be a big area of concern as the new administration begins the year.

Before the last Mayor Malon Johnson left office, he received the deed to the old TDS Telecom building, one that has stood in the town for years.

Now, an essentially new town council will have to decide what they will do with the donation.

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Before he left, Johnson had plans of using the building as a new office for administration, since it has more room and a vault where they could store important records.

“We could use it for office space or an exercise room or conference rooms,” said Goshen Mayor Jack Waller. “We may sell it. We just haven’t decided yet.”

Waller said the options are now all on the table, and he has no particular preference in how the building is used.

If the council decides to put it to use themselves, Waller said it would require some work.

“It would probably take anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 to fix it up right, but I don’t have any preference on it,” Waller said.

How the council copes financially will play a big role in the decision process, Waller said.

“A lot depends on the financial situation for the coming year,” Waller said.

Waller said they are entertaining feedback from the town as to what any residents might like to see happen.

“I’ve had some (give feedback) both ways,” Waller said. “Some didn’t think we should get in the business of buying old buildings and some say it’s a great idea.”

Mayor Pro-tem Carter Sanders said he is looking for input from the community before decisions are made.

Sammy Cope, who was on the council at the time the building was donated, said he wants to do what’s best for the community.

“When we received that building we had some ideas for the building, and there’s a new administration so we want to see what is the best thing to do with the building,” Cope said.

Waller said they will continue discussing the options in their next meeting Jan. 8, but he isn’t sure they will make a decision that quickly.