Council extends historical request

Published 10:04 pm Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Troy City Council has agreed to extend a timeframe to repair several dilapidated houses in the city, giving the buildings opportunity to be put to a more beneficial use.

The properties, spanned on Montgomery and South Three Notch Streets, have drawn the interest of some locals wishing to retain their historical values.

Bert Fridlin, co-owner of Uptown Galleries on the square, told the city council Tuesday he has hopes of renovating at least three of the properties, located at 500, 610 and 700 Three Notch Street since the council has allowed the property owners more time to repair destroy, sell or repair the properties.

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Fridlin doesn’t have specific plans in mind, but he said these buildings could be renovated to hold things like a museum, a folk-art center or even a bed and breakfast.

“It would be something that would be beneficial to the city and bring more people into the city,” Fridlin said.

But, Fridlin said he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this task on his own.

“We need to raise some money some way to try to do this,” Fridlin said.

Fridlin said he is interested in working with the city to formulate some type of group to raise funds for these projects.

“If the city could get interested and try to promote a local group similar to what was done with the old post office,” Fridlin said.

The other five properties, have already been made into apartments, but that is something Fridlin said he doesn’t want to see happen to these.

“It would diminish the value,” Fridlin said.

Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford said the negotiation between the city and Historical Rentals Inc., has been going on formally since September, and the request has given them 12 months to make necessary improvements.

But, a list prepared by city building inspectors will require them to at least make minimal reparations to the properties that are safety concerns.

Some of the repairs include replacing roofing, repairing porches and securing door and window entrances.

Lunsford said he wants to extend the contract with Historical Rentals, Inc. to allow for time for ideas like Fridlin’s to happen.

“I think there’s a lot of options out there,” Lunsford said.

Also in their meeting, the council approved an ongoing bid with Covington Floor Company to resurface the basketball gym floors at the Troy Recreation Department.

The proposal was forwarded from the last council meeting, and it was approved pending insurance confirmation from the contracted company.

In the council work session, Lunsford announced the city has officially purchased the building across from the Troy Police station, and it will be used for more space in the police department.