Haynes, Care offer bids

Published 9:04 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No matter who is the county’s set ambulance service provider, there will be two ambulance services available in Pike County.

The bids for the county contract were opened Tuesday afternoon, and both Care and Haynes Ambulance services are seeking the contract.

But, both have agreed to stay in Pike County regardless of who is the awarded service provider.

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“We made a commitment to this county and the citizens of the county three years ago, and regardless of the contract, we will remain in Pike County,” said Care Ambulance Operations Manger Mike Sandell.

A few weeks ago, Haynes officials announced they, too, would be returning to the county after losing the county bid to Care three years ago.

“We feel like this is one of our home locations,” said Kirk Barrett, the chief operating officer for Haynes. “We’ve been here since 1987, and we’re looking forward to being back in Pike County.”

Both ambulance services offered two bid options to officials of the Pike County Commission and the cities of Troy and Brundidge. In order for a contract to be passed, all three of these entities have to approve the service.

Haynes offered two bids that will provide four ambulances stationed in the county: two with Advanced Life Support (ALS) service at all hours, every day, one staffed during the days and on call nights and weekends, and a fourth ambulance staffed as needed.

The first bid, which includes local dispatching in Pike County, would cost $6,250 per month. The second bid, which would include dispatching from Montgomery, would be at no cost to the county entities.

Care Ambulance, which holds the current contract and currently provides dispatching from Montgomery, offered a first bid at no cost to the county. This bid provides two ambulances staffed at all times with advanced life support care, two at peak hours (only one with advanced life support) and one on call when only two units are active. Dispatching would be in Montgomery.

In addition, Care has promised to station one of the ambulances in Brundidge during peak times and to provide a critical care helicopter available during the beginning of the year.

The second bid option varies slightly, with three ambulances staffed at all times, one basic service during peak hours and a helicopter, at a cost of $5,500 per month.

With either option, Care officials said local dispatch service would cost an additional $8,500 per month.

The bid also included charges that county residents would incur for calling emergency services.

Comparatively, Care will cost $600 for ALS emergency service, where Haynes would charge $500. For ALS non-emergency service, Care would charge $375 and Haynes $425.

For Basic Life Support services, those not equipped for the most severe injuries, Hayes would charge $275. Care charges will be $480 for emergencies and $330 for non-emergencies with BLS services.

Both providers would also charge mileage, Haynes at $9 per mile and Care at $10 per mile.

These fees don’t include any deductions insurance providers cover.

Also on the bid service providers gave required response times: if not met 90 percent of the time, drivers will be penalized.

For urban calls, Care said its ambulances would arrive no later than 10 minutes after dispatched, and Haynes said no later than 11 minutes, and for rural calls, Care and Haynes both said calls will be answered in 20 minutes.

Care, however, said in “super rural” areas, a 30-minute response time would be the limit.

The ambulance bid will expire Friday, Dec. 12. The Pike County Commission meets Dec. 8, Troy City Council and Brundidge City Council will be Dec. 9, and by the end of the week, a bid should be granted.

County Attorney Allen Jones said all areas of the bids will be considered before a contract is awarded.