Haynes returning to county

Published 9:23 pm Thursday, November 20, 2008

With or without a contract, Haynes Ambulance will be back in Pike County in less than a month.

After an almost three year absence, Haynes Chief Operating Officer Kirk Barrett said it’s time to come back to the county.

“We were here for 18 years, and we feel like this is one of our home locations,” Barrett said. “And we’re just ready to come home.”

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And on Dec. 6, Barrett said Haynes hopes to be open for business once again, after losing the county contract bid to CARE Ambulance in 2005.

Once Haynes lost the contract in 2005 it continued operating in the county for a short time, but then left.

Barrett said he couldn’t give a reason for the departure because it was before his time.

What brought the service back to Pike County, though, is the will of the people, Barrett said.

“Over the last six months, there have just been a stream of people calling wanting us to come back to Pike County because they feel the service we provided was better than any other service,” Barrett said.

And Barrett said even without a contract, Haynes would be here to stay.

On Dec. 12, County Attorney Allen Jones said the contract with CARE will expire, unless its service is renewed in Pike County.

Though the ambulance company under county contract will automatically be dispatched to 911 calls, callers possibly could request a competing ambulance service be dispatched.

Jones said that situation has never arisen, and it would have to be addressed should two ambulance services be in the county.

County Administrator Harry Sanders said one thing is for sure though — the contract isn’t exclusive.

“It doesn’t give an ambulance service a particular right to that call,” Sanders said. “I believe if more than one was available in Troy, and someone asked for it, you’d have to respect that person’s wishes if they were available to dispatch.”

But if Haynes doesn’t get the contract, Barrett said residents who want the company’s services could contact Haynes directly.

The contract bid is approved by Troy, Brundidge and Pike County before it’s awarded.