Commission bickering needs to end

Published 7:48 am Sunday, November 16, 2008

As the new Pike County Commission begins to gel, taxpayers across the county are watching to see if commissioners will rise above petty politics and division to productively lead the county.

Unfortunately, the group’s first meeting this week doesn’t inspire much hope.

Commission members divided themselves in a vote to elect a new commission chairman, settling along lines that are likely to be echoed throughout the group’s time in office.

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The Republican-Democrat split harkens back to the days of infighting and unproductivity among the commissioners, and we sadly know all too well where that leads the county.

Commissioner Charlie Harris led the charge in disruption, trying to cite law which doesn’t appear to apply to this situation.

What we need – what we deserve – in a county commission is members who are willing to put aside personal agendas to work for the betterment of the county. We need – we deserve – a commission chairman who can efficiently run the meetings; serve fairly and ethically; and, critically important, oversee the allocation of the $150,000 sales tax revenues in a fair manner, again putting aside personal agendas.

Unless the commission members decide now to step and serve, we could be in for four years of bickering and division.

And that won’t serve any of us well.