‘Heaven Sent’ children design postcards for soldiers

Published 10:00 pm Monday, November 10, 2008

The children at the Heaven Sent Learning Center in Troy joined Penny’s Postcard Posse and have been busy rounding up ideas for designs from their personalized fabric postcard that will be sent to American soldiers overseas.

Twice each month, the children at Heaven Sent visit the Troy Public Library for story hour. Teresa Colvin, children’s librarian, said that, through stories, children learn about the world around them and the people that make the world go around.

“Children need to learn early on the things that are important,” she said. “One of the most important things is patriotism. We want to instill in them pride in our country and an appreciation for those who defend and protect the freedoms that we enjoy.”

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An opportunity to do just that came when Gloria Garland, a volunteer with the Troy Public Library, suggested a Penny’s Postcard Posse “art” project in which fabric postcards are designed as morale boosters and tangible support of the troops.

Garland learned about Penny’s Postcard Posse from an article in a quilting magazine.

“Penny’s Postcard Posse began rounding up fabric postcards to send to the troops in Iraq for the 4th of July in 2006,” Garland said. “She wanted to do something to let the soldiers know that there are thousands of folks here in the United States who appreciate what they are doing.”

The idea behind the fabric postcards is that they can be folded and put in a soldier’s pocket or in his or her backpack.

“These are postcards that can be kept as reminders that we support our troops,” Garland said.

The children from Heaven Sent Learning Center worked on their postcards for the troops during three visits to the library. Not only did they learn about the soldiers who keep their country safe, they also learned the connection between what they are doing for the soldiers and the first Thanksgiving.

Claudette Rogers, Heaven Sent director, said the children looked beyond the postcards to what they could do for the troops. They wanted to send a gift basket to the soldiers so they could have a happy Thanksgiving, too.

“We talked about how, on that first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Indians all brought something to the table to share,” said Rogers, “Even though each person might have little to share, when they put everything together they had a huge feast. And, that’s what the children did. Each one brought something and, when we put everything together, we had a huge box of things to send to the soldiers.”

Rogers said the children at Heaven Sent have learned that good things happen when people work together and share what they have.

The postcards were finished and the gift box sealed on Monday. Garland will send the fabric postcards to Penny’s Postcard Posse and they will be shipped to the troops through that organization.

The “care” package will be shipped through Soldiers Angels, a non-profit organization that provides ongoing support to American military men and women who are defending and protecting the freedoms that Americans cherish.