A prayer for a puppy

Published 9:04 pm Monday, November 3, 2008

She was dressed and ready for church long before anyone else in the house.

She sat and waited as we raced to catch up with her. Then, she paced the floor while her bag of snacks and toys was packed. Her puppy’s foot was hurt. There was nothing more important.

On the way to church, my sweet, little four-year-old daughter could talk about nothing else. She had plans to cure the puppy that has become her real-life baby doll. She was going to talk to our preacher, Brother Lavon, and get him to pray for her.

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That should do the trick! So, as we walked in, she sat on the pew and waited until the time was right. Brother Lavon spoke for a moment. Then, he announced that it was time to greet our neighbors.

As the congregation moved about passing out hugs and well wishes, she pushed her way passed me and darted to the front of the sanctuary of our tiny, country church. Brother Lavon leaned down and lent her his ear as she whispered her simple request.

No one could hear her words other than him, but we all noticed the satisfied look on her face as she finished talking to him and turned to walk away.

As the remainder of the congregation made their way back to their seats, Brother Lavon called the children up to the front for the regular Children’s Time portion of the service.

Before beginning the message that he had planned for them, he stopped and stood in front of the entire church to say a prayer for the puppy that means so much to this precious little girl.

He prayed for healing and thanked God not only for these children that mean so much to us, but also for the things that mean so much to them. Things like this little puppy with the hurt foot.

This child’s display was such a testament of faith. It served as a wonderful reminder that we should lean on our Creator for peace in the face of all obstacles, whether they be big or small.

We should all welcome the opportunity to learn from the simple faith of a child. With the complications that surround us and the hectic lives that we lead, we can all use the reminder that a little talk with Jesus will make things right.

I am thankful for so many things and grateful for the reminder that life is good.

Wendy Ward can be reached at 670-6301 or via email at wendy.ward@troymessenger.com.