Congressional race mudslinging

Published 7:33 pm Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Editor,

Have you people really watched these TV ads for second congressional district seat? You have one person who has ads that show one thing but he says something totally different. So what do you believe? He is saying one thing but doing another.

Now on the other hand you have someone who in each TV ad has said pretty much the same thing and has not thrown mud, not one time. At an event after the run off in July in Pike County, not one time did I hear this person talk down about anyone from any political party.

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So yes, you can say I am backing Mr. Bright because if you really look at he is not a RED STATE or BLUE STATE he is a RED WHITE & BLUE STATE! Ithink that is the best party to be in because in that party Uncle Sam is the mascot not a donkey or a elephant.

Jennifer Register