Enjoying the simple pleasures of Fall

Published 6:56 pm Monday, October 20, 2008

What’s your favorite season? As a child, I found the beginning of the fall season to be a sad occasion. The grass died back, the leaves turned brown and all the fun of summer was officially over. The days ended earlier, leaving even less time to play. I found myself bundled up in long pants and sweaters and was sure that it was just short of an eternity before the cold weather would end. Now, I find that my opinion has changed. I can now see past the ending of summer and enjoy the splendor of fall.

I notice the beauty of the yellow butterflies that bring in the season. They are quickly followed by all of the amazing shades of the leaves that cover the trees and the ground beneath. Who could notice the dying grass when the roadsides are lined with Black-eyed Susans and golden rods? Hay bales stacked high in fields and barns, acorns lying piled on the ground and freezers full of the summer’s harvest remind us of the bounty of the land that we live on. It also gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we, along with all of God’s creatures, will be fed throughout the winter months.

It seems as though football games are just more fun when you can bundle up under a blanket and only bring your hands out to cheer on your team. No one seems to mind spending time outside since the heat has been replaced by a crisp, cool breeze. The men around my house are like children at Christmas as they plan for the hunting season. They talk and laugh, leaning on the sides of one of the group’s truck bed. They seem completely unaware of the world around them. Their shoulders sit a little higher, showing the relief, although temporary, of the worries of life.

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We start planning the Thanksgiving holiday and looking forward to the Christmas season. A new season of all of our favorite television shows has begun and the sun sets a bit earlier, encouraging us to go inside, prop up our feet and enjoy them. The crisp mornings make the chance to sleep in seem like nothing short of a gift.

The warmth of the covers makes you sure that it was a great experience to be held in your mother’s arms. We begin the chore of gathering fire wood, but no one seems to mind.

We all remember the marshmallows in the pantry and know that their gooey roasted state will be the reward for all of our hard work.

It’s a happy time of year for me. This is an amazing season, filled with beauty and constant reminders of our Creators love for us. After all, He gave us all of this to enjoy.

Wendy Ward can be reached at 670-6301 or via email at wendy.ward@troymessenger.com.