Bright endorsed by district attorneys

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, October 1, 2008

District Attorneys from 14 Alabama counties gathered at the Pike County Courthouse Wednesday morning to show their support for Congressional candidate Bobby Bright.

“Who we elect as our congressman and our leaders in this election is more important in our time than any other election in my time,” said Pike County District Attorney Gary McAliley. “As district attorneys of the 2nd Congressional District, we want a congressman elected who will not have a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda but an agenda that will be for all people.”

And, with 11 district attorneys, representing 14 counties, McAliley said they believe Montgomery’s Mayor Bright is the one for the job.

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“We believe Bobby Bright will put the interest of the people over any party, and we hereby stand to endorse Bobby Bright,” McAliley said. “We as your DAs of the 2nd Congressional District, we know we’ll have an ally in the fight against crime.”

Also, with a background in law enforcement, McAliley said Bright is someone they can depend on.

In response, Bright said he will work hard to represent the law enforcement of the district.

“With my background and the help of these district attorneys, I hope to take that experience to Washington to help law enforcement,” Bright said. “I’m delighted, I’m honored, and I will not let you down.”

The following attorneys signed the endorsement: McAliley, Pike and Coffee County Supernumerary DA Joel Folmar; Butler, Crenshaw and Lowndes County DA John Andrews; Barbour and Bullock County DA Ben Reeves, Jr.; Barbour and Bullock Supernumerary DA Boyd Whigham; Conecuh County DA Tommy Chapman; Montgomery County DA Ellen Brooks; Autauga and Elmore County Supernumerary DA Janice Clardy Massa; Covington County DA Greg Gambril; Covington County Supernumerary DA Eugenia Loggins; and Henry and Houston County Supernumerary DA Tom Sorrells.