Shellhorn Showdown Saturday

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, September 25, 2008

The countryside around the Lamar and Debra Davis Quarter Horse Farm near Shellhorn has been called “little Montana.” The rolling hills and wide open spaces are not unlike those of the Big Sky Country. The panoramic view makes the Davis farm an ideal place for an Indian Summer trail ride.

On Saturday, the Pike and Goshen Farmer’s Cooperatives’ will sponsor the Trail Ride and Shellhorn Showdown the Davis farm. The event will include an organized four-hour trail ride beginning at noon, and a trail challenge beginning at 4 p.m.

Entry fee for the trail ride is $25 and includes refreshments during the ride, dinner and admission to the Shellhorn Showdown Trail Challenge, which is an obstacle course designed to test the skills of both horse and rider.

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All participants in the Shellhorn Showdown Trail Challenge must have completed the trail ride and also pay an additional entry fee of $20.

Debra Davis said all entries for the Shellhorn Showdown must be completed prior to the sponsored trail ride.

“The Shellhorn Showdown is a true test of horse and rider,” Davis said. “Prize money will be awarded based on the number of entries.”

Under five entries pays one place at $100; six to 10 pays two places — $60 and $40; 11 to 15 pays three places — $50- $30 and $20; 16-20 pays four places — $40, $30, $20, $10; and 21 and more pays five places, $30, $25, $20, $15 and $10.

“The trail course will consist of several obstacles,” Davis said. “Entrants will be allowed five minutes prior to the contest to walk through the course on food. Obstacles would be what you would expect to see and experience on a trial ride.

“There will be a time limit for each competitor. Entries will be allowed up to seven minutes to complete their ride. It will be up to the rider to determine if they are spending too much time on a single obstacle. It will be up to the rider to decide when to move on to the next obstacle keeping in mind you will have a total of seven minutes to complete all the obstacles and ring the bell signaling your completed round.”

The order of go through the course will be announced five minutes before the event begins.

The rider will have a score for each obstacle. The scores will be tallied along with the time it takes the rider to complete the course. The rider with the fastest clean time is the winner.

Horses will be judged at each obstacle for willingness, skill of completing the obstacle, attempt of the obstacle and the rider’s skills at handling and maneuvering the horse through the obstacle.

“Ties will be broken by the judge if necessary and could require a work off,” Davis said. “All participants should remain saddled and ready in case a work off is needed. It will be left to the rider’s discretion type of saddle, bridle and bit, halter, hackamore, gear and equipment. Helmets are not required, however are recommended.”

Competition is open to all ages — girls and boys, men and women. All entries must sign a liability release form. All minors must have release signed by parent or legal guardian.

Spectators are welcome to attend the Shellhorn Showdown at 4 p.m. An admission of $15 is charged. Lawn chairs are recommended.

All proceeds from the Shellhorn Showdown will benefit the Pike County 4-H Horse Club and the Pike County Saddle Club.

To get to the Davis farm, take the Shellhord Road (Ct. Rd. 1101) off U.S. Highway 231. Turn right on County Road 1123 and follow the signs.