Busy week equals busy writing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I almost died this week. Not literally, but in a very figuratively way.

I went running in the 100-degree heat on Friday from the Sorority Hills apartments to Charles Henderson High School. What was I thinking? It wasn't the actual run that almost killed me; it was the hills.

Since moving to Troy to take the job at The Messenger as sports editor, I have been trying to get used to several things.

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Coming from Louisiana, I am getting accustomed to things such as foods that have mayonnaise in them when it seems totally unnecessary to me.

I am also getting used to the hills. So the next time I want to go running up what looked to me like a mountain, I will just remember how sore I am today. I'll probably just cut the length of my run in half.

There are so many tournaments going on with recreational leagues right now. It is great to see the future of Troy athletics be so successful at this age.

Something I want to note is that even when a team is eliminated, I am still proud of them. I hope all the players, whether still in contention or not, take pride in the great job they have done. Losing does not make you a loser; not trying makes you one.

The further into the playoffs a team goes, the worse it hurts when they lose. However, there is always next year, but more importantly, there is always an off-season. Set a goal to become better than ever by the next time a season roles around. It is a very fulfilling feeling to show up the first day of practice and be the most-improved player there.

I encourage all student-athletes to push themselves to the next level.

My mom and I were talking about our purpose in life earlier this week. We were discussing how at different ages you have different goals.

The kids playing rec ball have goals of winning the World Series; the kids in high school have goals of winning state and maybe playing sports in college. The college-age kids have goals of one day actually graduating college and finding a good job.

Parents have goals of seeing their children grow up and being well-rounded people. My mom has served a great purpose in my life, and even though I'm living on my own in Alabama now, I need her as much now as ever.

It's good to find your purpose.

With the news of Alabama baseball coach Jim Wells returning to coaching after being retired for one week, I am happy. There were so many rumors about Troy coach Bobby Pierce being hired for that position, and I just did not want to hear it. Pierce has been great for the program at Troy, as well as a really nice coach. The few times I have talked to him since I got here, he was so down to earth. When I asked him what his thoughts were on Wells returning, he said he was looking forward to the renovations at the ball park at Troy. Good answer.

Chrissy Chiri is sports editor of The Messenger.