Election occupies council agenda

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Many political campaigns are wrought with controversy and the municipal election in Brundidge has created that for at least one potential candidate.

Jim Knight qualified for city council District 1 on the last day of qualifying.

However, Knight was later informed that his residence is in District 2 and was therefore not qualified to run for council member in District 1.

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Brundidge City Manager Britt Thomas used city, highway department and E-911 maps Tuesday afternoon to outline exactly where Knight's residence at 109 Adams Street is located and in which district it falls.

"I know that I am taking a lot of time for this, but it's important," Thomas told the council. "According to the maps, 109 Adams Street is in District 2. I have to have an opinion on this and that's my opinion as I can best determine from the maps and the information that I have."

Knight has withdrawn from the Aug. 24 municipal election.

Residents John and Hattie Rakin of 130 Lawson Street appealed to the council for help in alleviating a smelly nuisance at their home caused by an adjacent "dog farm."

Hattie Rakin told the council that the residence is home to a large number of dogs that are causing great concern for her and her family.

"I can't cook outside or go outside because it smells so bad," Rakin said. "Last night, I came home from church and my yard smelled like an outside toilet and we want to know what we can do?"

Thomas told the Rakins that a city ordinance prohibits there being more than three dogs at any one residence.

He assured the Rakins that the matter will be taken care of by the city.

Thomas also reported on the progress of the city facility recently purchased by the Organized Community Action Program for $175,000 once the renovation is completed. Thomas said city has billed OCAP and received $75,000 to date.

"Inside work is continuing and work on the exterior walls should begin next week," he said. "Paving has to be done, and while we are having that done, we are going to do some minor road repairs at a couple of other places including Martin Luther King Drive. We should be able to do it all for about $17,500."

The OCAP renovation project should be completed by the end of August, Thomas said.

Thomas told the council that usage continues to be up in the city's electric department due to the high temperatures.

"The billing was up this time and, if the heat doesn't subside, we aren't going to get any relief and we are going to continue to see usage rise," he said.

Mayor Jimmy Ramage said the area has already experience 18 days with temperatures above 95 degrees compared with one or two last year.

"When the temperature is above 95, cooling units don't cut off, they just keep running," Thomas said. "Even three or four days of 95 and above temperatures will cause a big jump in utility rates."

Ramage made the council aware of a request from the Frazier family to name a street joining S.A. Graham Blvd. with their reunion facility Frazier Street.

The Fraziers made the request in writing and said they had been given a verbal agreement

from Rayvon Graham who owns adjoining property.

Ramage said the city will need written permission from Graham, so the request was tabled until the next meeting on Aug. 17.

"We need to make sure that it is understood that the city will only name the street, not take ownership of it," Ramage said.

The council recessed until 9 a.m. Friday when it will reconvene to appoint the election officials for the Aug. 24 municipal election.