City crackdown of gaming has much merit

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The City of Troy's decision to crack down on video gambling is on that has much merit.

It addresses a question of both legality and morality.

While it is difficult, at best, to legislate morality, it can, and is, done in this nation almost daily.

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This isn't just a question of morality in the community, however.

The Troy City Council made a decision to aggressively enforce existing state law prohibiting gambling when the issue came to light that there may be establishments in violation of the law.

In its on-going operation, the city is investigating reports of illegal activities in businesses that hold business licenses. In two instances, the business licenses were issued specifically for adult video arcades - which are perfectly legal.

The issuance of a business license, however, does not make something that is illegal permissible.

The city, we believe, is acting well within its scope of authority and that eliminating illegal operations within the city can only return positive rewards.

Citizens of Troy can take comfort in seeing a city council that is responsive to their desires and that is willing to take an unwavering stand against operators who choose to break the law.