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Superintendent selection vital for progress

With the decision to hire Dr. Linda Felton-Smith as superintendent of Troy City Schools, the Troy school board has finally reached a decision.

Some like that decision and others probably do not. That's the way it works in a world driven by political and personal agendas.

The board itself was not unanimous in its 3-2 decision to elevate Felton-Smith from the principal's position at Charles Henderson High School.

However, it's important to note that the school board also decided to give its 100 percent support to Felton-Smith following the hiring decision.

That proposal was offered by board member Roxie Kitchens who did not vote to hire Felton-Smith. That's a big move and it should set the stage for the future growth of the city schools.

Regardless of opinions prior to the vote, we should all now come together as a community and support our new superintendent.

Her ideas, plans and experience should combine with her desire to see the school system move ahead.

We offer our congratulations to Dr. Felton-Smith, and we commend the board for making a hard decision in the face of what surely must have been incredible pressure.