Troy#039;s finest shows in youth tournaments

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 21, 2003

Good Morning and Good Tuesday to all who dwell in Pike County.

The rains have been somewhat courteous to us this week as we have all watched the Dixie Belles and Dixie Angels fight for a state championship. The rains late Monday night perhaps will not adversely affect the tournament. We all know Mother Nature has been good to us with rain this summer, but for those who enjoy outdoor sports, the rains may need to calm down a little while.

Still, it is almost amazing that the rains held off long enough for nearly three full days of the softball tournaments to be played. The way this summer has gone, the weather did not seem to be in sports fans' favor.

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On the field, the tournaments have been played well. The best teams from all over the state are here this week, and the product on the field is indicative of that.

The people who run the tournament, Dan Smith, Vaughn Daniels, Pam Nix and a host of people working behind the scenes, have all done a magnificent job this week. We believe it will continue in that fashion as the tournaments near completion.

Remember, it takes a lot of people to run the event, so say kind words to those in umpire's gear and in the concession stand.