Student disappears in mystery

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 11, 2003

Something very mysterious happened at the Troy Public Library Thursday night. High school student Angela Day suddenly disappeared after school.

Young adults of all ages attended the annual library lock-in to help solve the mystery, "Murder in the Islands."

The list of suspects was long and kept the lock-in's participants second-guessing themselves.

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"Just when you think it's one person, you find another clue that points to another," said Angelina Teel.

One suspect was the school librarian, Margaret Kubacki, who did not like Angela. It seems Angela started a petition to get rid of Miss Kubacki and as a result, the middle-aged woman's contract was on shaky ground.

Another suspect was Angela's best friend, Robyn, who liked to play pranks. Robyn's boyfriend, Vernall "Rattler" Robinson was also under suspicion. It seems Rattler was using Robyn to steal cars and Angela found out about it.

Kayla Barr and Denise Cain decided two heads were better than one and worked together to solve the case. They were the first to get the who, what and why correct and they each won $10.

They named Rattler as the culprit because they found his gang tattoo sketched on one of Angela's papers. He also was the suspect with the most to lose.

Hot dogs, chips, dessert and fruit were also served at the Hawaiian lock-in. A limbo contest followed the mystery and the winner received the new Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."