Kenny Harris likes to share success

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2003

If you want success in country music, grab a good love song and stay with it.

Kenny Harris took that bit of wisdom and applied it to his love life. "If you want success in love, grab a good woman and stay with her."

When Harris saw a good woman, he knew it immediately. He grabbed that "sweet lady" and stayed with her.

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On June 27, 2003, Kenny and Margaret Harris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and invited more than 500 people along for the celebration and what a celebration it was. Harris took the opportunity to remember the day 54 years ago when he spied his future bride from the stage where he was playing country music.

"I saw her the minute she came in and I couldn't believe no one had grabbed her up," he said, laughing.

Harris said he made eye contact with the lovely young lady, hopped off the stage with his Martin guitar and approached her with, "Where have you been all my life."

"Margaret was so good looking and had such a great personality that I knew we could have a wonderful life together," he said.

To celebrate that wonderful life, Harris wanted a lot of people around them. He was used to that. He grew up in a large family by any standards.

"I had 21 brothers and sisters," he said. "Not all of them lived to be adults, but I did come from a large family and times were hard, most of the time."

Times are much better for Harris now. He is a very successful businessman and is able to take care of all his needs and wants, but he became successful through hard work and by sticking his neck out at times. So, he appreciates what he has. He likes to share his success with the community and the good times with his friends. But, in so doing, he never forgets where he's been and what got him to where he is today. He remembers his roots.

"Margaret and I used to own a little ol' barbecue place down the road," he said. "We served some good barbecue. I think it made me enough money to buy Margaret a pair of new shoes."

The hard work that the Harrises put into the "barbecue place" was the foundation for later success in the business world.

He also fondly remembers that country music brought him and his bride together.

So, on their 50th wedding anniversary, he wanted to share the occasion with the many friends they have made along the way. And, he wanted to do it his way.

"I didn't want anything fancy," he said. "I wanted it simple. We ate barbecue back then and that's why we had it tonight. We played country music back then and that's why we're going to play it tonight."

To play that country music, Harris brought in one of the great names in country music, Ray Price.

Price and his son, Cliff, and the Cherokee Cowboys entertained the crowd, but Kenny and Margaret Harris seemed to think that they were playing love songs just for them. After all, it was their night.