E-911 addresses will be mandatory in one year

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 23, 2003

Those who have not started using their E-911 addresses are just prolonging the inevitible, said Troy Post Master Steven Gantt.

"We are asking everyone who is not using their new address to start doing so," Gantt said. "Some people said they have not gotten their notices about the address change, but they have been sent."

Gantt estimated that about 50 percent of the residents with new addresses are not using them at this time.

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"Everybody has until July 1, 2004 to begin using their E-911 address," he said. "Those who do not do so after that date will have their mail returned to the sender. We are giving everyone 12 months to make the necessary arrangements to have all of their mail sent to the new addresses and it is important that they do so."

Gantt said residents should also have their new addresses on their mailboxes.

"We have the county roads numbered and it would be very helpful if residents would put their addresses on their mailboxes," he said.

Gantt said he cannot downplay the importance of everyone complying with the new address system.

"When a person moves to a new address, the post office forwards their mail for up to a year," he said. "We are doing the same with the E-911 addresses. But after July 1, 2004, mail without the new addresses will be returned."

Using an old address is not an option. The new system has been implemented.

"I've heard that some people have said they won't use the new addresses," Gantt said. "If they don't, they won't get their mail after the 12 months are up."

Gantt said the post office is making every effort to notify those who are not using their E-911 address - by newspaper and radio.

"The message is if you're not using it - use it," he said.