Brundidge youth shot in burglary

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 14, 2003

A Brundidge youth was shot in the arm by a city policeman while attempting to flee the scene of a burglary Thursday night.

Brundidge Police Chief Moses Davenport said the incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. when Officer Charles Beasley was making a routine patrol check.

"Officer Beasley noticed a dog on the porch of City Hall and, because that was unusual, he went to check it out," Davenport said. "When he walked up on the porch, he saw silhouettes in the window and the figures moved toward the back on the building."

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Davenport said the officer went around the back of the house and saw a male running from the building.

"He pulled his gun and called for him to stop, but he kept going," Davenport said. "At that time, a second male jumped from the back porch with a hammer in his hand. Not knowing his intentions, the officer fired a shot that hit him in the lower part of his right arm."

Haynes Ambulance Service transported the suspect to Edge Regional Medical Center.

Within an hour, the other suspect was brought to the police station by his mother.

Davenport said several items were taken from City Hall including telephone/radios that had not been activated and an undetermined amount of money - "about $3,000."

"Evidently, the suspect that fled the scene had a bag of money with him," Davenport said.

"During our investigation, officers traced his path and found a bag of money next to the porch of Twin Gables."

Davenport said, from the position of the bag and the way the money was scattered, it appeared that the bag had been thrown, not dropped.

"That money was recovered but other money has not been accounted for," he said. "The suspect that fled the scene, told officers that he and the other suspect split the money. We found money at the scene, on the juvenile that was shot and at Twin Gables. But, some money has not been recovered, neither have some of the telephone/radios."

Davenport said entrance to the building was gained through the back door that had been pried open.

"A crowbar was used to gain entrance to city hall and to open cabinets," he said. "The investigation is still ongoing. We have not ruled out the possibility that a third party is involved."

The incident is also under investigation by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

"That is routine any time there is a shooting involving a police officer," Davenport said. "It's routine."

One suspect has been charged with burglary, second degree and is in the detention center in Dothan, Davenport said.

"I don't know the status of the individual that is at Edge, but he will also be charged with burglary, second," the police chief said.

Both suspects are between the ages of 15 and 16, according to the chief.