At 10, Chesire finds many hobbies but swimming is her one passion

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Ten-year-old Taylor Cheshire has a lot of hobbies and one big passion.

"I have a swimming pool in the back yard at every one of my houses," she said.

"There's one at my dad's house, my mom's house and my grandma's house."

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She said the only reason her aunt doesn't have one is because her backyard is too small.

Cheshire likes the water and she loves to swim.

She is even a member of a swim team at Troy State University.

She hopes to keep her passion alive as she gets older.

"Some people say I should be a photographer, but I really want to be a marine biologist," Cheshire said.

She said the best thing she can do to get there is study hard in science and math.

"I have to be a better math person and get into school more," she said.

"Sometimes school is boring."

But science is never boring.

This week, she is even attending the Math, Science and Writing Workshop at Troy Elementary School to hone her skills before she starts fifth grade in the fall.

"I really like my teachers," Cheshire said.

"(Denise) Barron has really made math exciting for me and (Gloria) Christian really helps you.

She's also helped science be more interesting."

Not that science needs any help; that's one area that has Cheshire's full attention.

Cheshire said her favorite underwater creatures are dolphins and whales.

She's never been to Sea World to see them, but she's read enough books to know about them.

"If I had a ticket for every book I've read, I'd have like 150 tickets to get in," she said.

Besides her summer classes at TES, Cheshire also attends vacation Bible school at Bush Memorial Baptist Church.

In fact, she says she has a whole summer of Bible schools lined up.

"It's really fun," she said about Bush Memorial's VBS.

"I've really learned a lot."