Budget skills key concern

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 6, 2003

Troy City School Board President Ron Pierce said that budgeting and communication skills will be at the center of his attention during next week's interviews for a new superintendent.

"He or she has to stay on line with the budget," he said.

"That is a critical point."

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He said he will look carefully at past successes with budgeting and the condition of the candidate's current school system.

He is also looking for someone with good communication.

"The superintendent has to have the ability to communicate well with the board, the principals, teachers and parents, whether it be written or oral," Pierce said.

Pierce spoke for himself when he gave specifics and did not represent the other board members, though his opinions of what is important do fall under the board's umbrella of priorities.

"We are looking for the best overall candidate who can lead our children," Pierce said.

"We need someone who can handle the budget, academics and community relations."

Superintendent Hank Jones said the new superintendent will find Troy City Schools in overall good shape.

"We are better physically and we are better fiscally than a lot of other schools right now," he said.

Jones also said he hopes most of the personnel decisions for the coming year will be made before the new superintendent arrives.

However, Jones did say the new administrator will have to jump headlong into next year's budget.

The Legislature is still meeting in special session and has not passed a budget yet.

As a result, Jones said Troy City Schools will be late in setting a budget.

"It probably won't be set until after school has started," Jones said.

"The new superintendent will have to jump in and work with that."

Jones said knowing how to budget is critical, but so is working with other agencies and the students.

The superintendent must know how to form relationships and work with others.

Jones said Troy State University, Pike County Schools and the City of Troy are all important friends of Troy City Schools.

Jones' successor must also be able to manage the day to day activities of overseeing a school system, coordinate and oversee projects and activities and manage the buildings and grounds.

The older buildings at Charles Henderson High School and Charles Henderson Middle School must be routinely looked after.

But besides all that, the new superintendent needs to develop and foster a relationship with the principals, teachers and students.

One thing Jones would like to see the new superintendent do is to continue to push the Troy City students towards excellence.

"It's a continuing need and we've never been able to accomplish it like we should," Jones said.

"We need to push our students to a higher level and encourage them to excel in everything they do."