Patience pays off for existing industry

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Tuesday's announcement by the governor's office that the City of Troy had received approval for a grant to fund the construction of a rail spur is yet another example of how patience is a virtue.

The grant application was sent in at least two years ago, according to both city and company officials.

The wait didn't seem to slow the planning down, and the rail spur itself is just a small, although crucial, element in the expansion of National Warehouse, Inc.

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Progress doesn't happen overnight, and the Community Development Block Grant that will fund a portion of the rail spur's construction was a competitive grant.

Progress, still, takes place.

The plans to expand National Warehouse include the creation of 34 new jobs and is estimated to be about a $3.5 million project in total.

That's progress for Troy, for Pike County and for our economic future.

Pike County has much to offer its people and its industrial citizens.

We applaud efforts by the city and the Pike County Economic Development Corporation to keep a helpful eye on the needs of our existing industry while searching out new ones that can call Troy home.