Park wins bike with #039;37#039;

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 24, 2003

Tucker Park, a third-grader at Pike Liberal Arts School, believes 37 is a lucky number.

It's lucky because it won him a spot on a popular Nickelodeon game show called "Slime Time Live" and a brand new mountain bike.

Tucker and his family spent spring break in Orlando, Fla., and one of their visits was to Universal Studios.

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While he was there, someone put a blue checkmark on Tucker's ticket, making him eligible to appear on the game show.

When they called out 37, "I was excited," Tucker said.

"I jumped up and said yes."

Not only did Tucker compete in "Slime Time Live," he also met Darrell Armstrong, a player for the Orlando Magic.

Armstrong was there helping to host the show and even joined the Red Team on the final game.

Tucker was paired with another boy from Michigan and together they made up the Red Team.

Tucker was really pleased with his partner because "he was just about as tall as Darrell Armstrong," which made playing some of the games easy.

Tucker admitted he was nervous about competing in front of so many people and in front of the cameras, but only "kinda."

The excitement easily surpassed any anxiety.

To win, he and his teammate had to play six games and earn points to out-do the Blue Team.

Every game involved slime in one way or another.

The only two the Red Team lost were Reggie's Slopshot and DJ Slimey.

In Reggie's Slopshot, Tucker had to hit balls filled with slime with a hockey stick into a goal protected by a member of the Blue Team.

Tucker said the balls were almost like water balloons.

Several of his burst before they made it to the goal.

In DJ Slimey, Tucker had to dip wooden "records" into green slime and toss them to his partner who then stacked them.

The easiest game for Tucker and his teammate was Pigskin Throw-In.

His partner's height and athletic abilities helped them beat the Blue Team.

"It was real easy for us because my teammate was a football player," Tucker said.

Tucker had to "hike" slime-filled balls to his partner who had to catch them and throw them through a tire.

Armstrong and one of the hosts joined the two boys for the final game called The Big Shaboozie. To win, the teams had to find The Big Shaboozie hidden under numbered squares.

If they uncovered The Whammy instead, the other team automatically won.

In the mean time, the teams were doused with everything from pie to slime to calamine lotion.

The Red Team won this game by luck.

The Blue Team uncovered The Whammy on their third try.

However, winning didn't keep the Red Team from being doused with 15 gallons of green slime.

"I loved it," Tucker said.

"It felt so good."

Tucker received his grand prize-a sleek, silver mountain bike-on Tuesday.

And, even though he is excited about it, he can't help but wish they had given him a cup of slime, too.