CHHS mystery comedy opens Wednesday

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 21, 2003

A thunderstorm blows ashore, the lights go out, an agonized voice, the lights come up and a blond stands over the victim with a dagger. The detective examines the body and announces, &uot;He's been strangled.&uot;

This is only the beginning of the mystery, comedy and excitement that can be found in Charles Henderson Highs School's 2002-2003 school play, &uot;While the Lights Were Out&uot; by Jack Sharkey. The play can be seen April 23, 24, 25 and 26 at 7 p.m. at Troy Elementary School.

Set in Bermuda during the 1950s, the guests, arriving for what they think is a visit with friends, the Wickenhams, soon discover that their island visit is more than they planned. The plot evolves into a mystery that the visitors, as well as the audience must solve.

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The inspector is of little or no help, but he does add to the hilarity of the situation.

&uot;I wanted to play the part of the inspector,&uot; said Dann Mosley, senior, &uot;because he is completely clueless but he present amusing analytical deductions. Fortunately, he has an assistant who rescues him from his own conclusions.&uot;

Charles Henderson drama students have faced many challenges over the past four years and this year was no exception. One of the biggest challenges they faced was the set, which is the largest and most complicated in CHHS history.

&uot;It will feature a 10-foot tall fireplace, an indoor balcony, at least five doorways for entrances and exits and a solarium,&uot; said Darlene Jennings, CHHS drama teacher.

Money for the play's expenses was raised by students and donations from businesses and groups such as the Troy Arts Council.

The cast is lead by a group of seniors, some with four years experience.

&uot;The last four years have been great, but they have also been a challenge,&uot; said Ebony Williams, senior. &uot;It has definitely been fun and exciting.&uot;

There are also two other four-year drama students, Willie Williams and Jennifer Cooper, along with senior Allison Huggins, Dann Mosely, Tripp Roddy and Bryan Hilllburn.

&uot;The benefits for everyone involved with the are well worth the costs,&uot; said Jennifer Cooper, student director and stage manager. &uot;It's one thing to just watch a play but to actually be up on stage and behind the scenes is an exhilarating experience.&uot;

Tickets for &uot;While the Lights Were Out&uot; are on sale at Charles Henderson High School and at the door the nights of the play.