Name change needs to spark dialog, not contention

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 13, 2003

A proposal by some residents to change the name of George Wallace Drive in Troy should spark some interesting dialog among various groups in Troy.

It should not become a matter of contention, and the issue should not become one that divides the city.

For various reasons, city fathers years ago designated the street that runs along Troy State University's stadium - and past homes, schools, churches and other public buildings - to honor a family that's been viewed by many as major supporters of both the university and the city.

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Streets, highways, public buildings and a host of other facilities are named to honor those who have distinguished themselves.

This proposal seeks also to honor veterans by renaming the street in their honor - also a lofty purpose. If it were not for our veterans, we would not enjoy the liberties of this great nation.

We owe it to them to honor their sacrifice in very visible manners.

As the debate over renaming George Wallace Drive continues, we believe it's essential that all viewpoints are heard and that each person who is interested in the issue is heard.

Then, a decision based upon adequate citizen input can made by the city. Let's talk in through, and remain united on the other side.