Prom season is here: Make them fun, not full of danger

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 10, 2003

Prom season is in full swing in Pike County, and offers our high school juniors and seniors a great opportunity for fun throughout the planning, decorating and dancing phases of the prom process.

Every weekend this month, junior classes at area high schools are hosting proms for their senior classes. Seniors in attendance will be presented to the crowd and honored for their high school achievements.

The fun of proms, however, sometimes become overshadowed with sadness when teenagers fail to recognize the responsibilities that come along with the often greater independence afforded them by parents and other adults on this special night.

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Every year, teenagers in this country die on prom night. More often than not, the deaths are alcohol related.

A handful of programs aimed at promoting responsibility and safety on prom nights help make teenagers aware of the boundaries that exist. Prom and Circumstance is just one such example of a largely successful awareness campaign aimed at helping children transition into adult society, an original goal of senior proms.

Teenagers, we believe, need to be reminded of their responsibility to themselves and to others during this season.

We would urge parents to talk with their children, be supportive of them and help them to have a safe and fun-filled prom.

Ultimately, the decision to act responsibly is up to our young people. We commend those who have set a standard among their peers and have pledged not to use alcohol and drugs, and to prevent those who do from getting on the road or doing further harm to themselves or those around them.

Young people, life is full of opportunity. Just remember it is also full of responsibility.