President wages war against fear, terrorism

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 20, 2003

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution commending President George W. Bush and the American military. Pilots say skis over Iraq are &uot;crowded&uot; with non-stop coalition flights. Federal agents are routing out &uot;sleeper cells&uot; of terrorist organizations and moving to freeze


Hussein's financial accounts. No coalition casualties so far.

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Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said &uot;Things are going well&uot;

But downtown Troy, Dan Smith wonders what the world will be like for his children.

His concerns are valid. We're living in a new age for the United States of America, an age where our children know was are not as safe as we once were.

Without doubt, President Bush's goal is to end that specter of fear. That's a tall order to fill. If it's not Osama bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein, it could be someone else because those 'someone elses' out there know that America is reachable.

That's the real war President Bush and our coalition allies are fighting. A war against fear, a war against being a target, a war against being a victim.