Employer receives patriotic recognition

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 20, 2003

A man walked into Linda Faust's place of employment Thursday and presented her with a certificate of recognition as a Patriotic Employer.

Faust was completely caught off guard.

She felt that she had done nothing worthy of recognition. She had simply supported an employee and friend who is serving her country during, what is now, war with Iraq.

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The certificate Faust received as was presented by the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

She had been recommended for the recognition by Cynethia Brown who was employed at Pinckard's Gas and Food Mart in Brundidge when she was activated and deployed to Germany along with the Alabama National Guard.

&uot;I have never been so touched by anything in my life,&uot; Faust said. &uot;To think that Cynethia is in Germany and away from her family and friends and she is still thinking about me. I felt so undeserving. Those people who are serving their country are the ones who need to be recognized. It should have been her, not me, who got a certificate.&uot;

Faust said she and Brown have a special and unique employer-employee relationship.

&uot;I believe in treating people fairly and in taking an interest in them and the things that are important in their lives,&uot; she said. &uot;Cynethia is a very special person and we have a special friendship. I know how hard it must be for her over there and I write to her every week and send her some little care packages. I want to do that for her so she will know that she is in my prayers and my thoughts.&uot;

Obviously, Faust's thoughtfulness has not been wasted on her friend, because Brown is so appreciative that she recommended her friend for special recognition.

&uot;We both believe in the power of prayer,&uot; Faust said. &uot;I know that prayer will sustain her and that is why she is always in my prayers. I also try to keep an eye on her son for her. She wants to make sure he stays on the right track. I'll help and support her any way I can because just look what she's doing for me - for all of us.&uot;

Faust said her prayers are with all the troops who are putting their lives on the line to liberate Iraq.

&uot;I read in Dr. Ed Walter's column in The Messenger today that 'there is no victory apart from the acknowledgement of God's presence,' and I believe that,&uot; Faust said. &uot;We must acknowledge God's presence if we want to gain the victory.&uot;

When the war with Iraq began on Wednesday night, Faust said she began to pray for those on the battlefield.

&uot;I think that President Bush did the right thing,&uot; she said. &uot;We have a Christian president and we must trust him and our military leaders to make the right decisions so that we can bring this war to an end and bring our troops home.&uot;

Until then, Faust said it is important that the men and women, who are called upon to wage this war, know that they have the support and prayers of those back home.

&uot;We don't know how much a letter or package from home means to them,&uot; she said. &uot;I didn't know how much those little things meant to Cynethia - not until today. What she did for me, really touched my heart and I'll never forget her for what she did for me.&uot;