President casts die with ultimatum to Iraq

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 17, 2003

The die has been cast, and what everyone knew would come was finally spoken last night from the White House's Cross Hall.

President George Bush issued his final ultimatum to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein: get out or be taken out.

This is less a war with Iraq as it is with Saddam Hussein, unfortunately he is likely to use the Iraqi people as a shield.

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Where ever we stood personally on the issue, our president has decided our nation's course of action.

President Bush has exercised diplomacy. He's been patient and honorable in his dealings with Iraq.

Now, the president has no other recourse but to issue this final demand and prepare to send our troops into battle.

Now it's time for the American people to stand behind our 300,000 soldiers, sailors, Marines and homeland security forces.

It's time to stand behind the American president, and respect him for his resolve, his determination

and his backbone.

It's time to get the job done and bring our loved ones home safely at the conclusion of this drama.

Our prayers - like those of so many others - are that war can be averted, but that if it is to come, then for safety of our service men and women, and for the safety of our nation.