Principal: Stun gun incidenthandled

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 25, 2003

The incident involving four Goshen High School students and a stun gun is an unusual occurrence that has been handled in an appropriate manner, school officials say.

Because the suspects and the victims involved are juveniles, names have not been released.

The incident happened Feb. 13 on a school bus.

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One student took out a stun gun and stunned two other students with it.

Goshen High School principal Gene Nelson said he believes the stunning was not malicious in intent.

He also said because of the rarity of such an occurrence, parents and students should not question the safety of the Pike County school system.

"We will not tolerate stun guns, knives, or any other dangerous item," Nelson said.

He went on to say that school officials took the matter seriously and handled it through the appropriate channels. The matter was immediately looked into and the suspect was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing, he said.

"It was investigated appropriately and the case has been appropriately heard by an administrative hearing," Superintendent Mark Bazzell said.

Bazzell, who has handled discipline hearings for the last six years, said he had never faced an incident like this before.

"We try to be vigilant in terms of keeping our eyes and ears open," Bazzell said.

"But we need the help of parents and students, too."

A disciplinary hearing was held Monday morning for the young suspect.