Johnson Labs looking to expand

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Louis Johnson doesn't want to get the cart before the horse, but he does have plans on the drawing board for the expansion of his business, Johnson Labs, Inc. of Troy.

"Nothing is definite yet," Johnson said. "I'm about 90 percent sure that we will expand in the near future, but not 100 percent. Some things have to fall into place first."

Johnson is looking at possible sites on which to build the larger facility needed to develop and manufacture his expanding line of products.

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"We are running out of room mainly because of the growth of our cleaning products line," Johnson said. "Between our cleaning products line and our hunting line, we have about 60 different products."

Johnson's hunting line includes odor eliminators, cover scents and attractants.

His line of cleaning products includes a revolutionary non-slip floor cleaner.

"We sell across 48 states, but we do a lot of private labels, so we have a lot of products on the shelves that you wouldn't know are ours," Johnson said. "We are growing and we do need more space, so, yes, we are looking. But, I don't want to put the cart before the horse. Before we can build, we need a place to build."

Johnson is optimistic about the future of his lab, but he is keeping everything in perspective.

He quickly gives credit for the success of his business where, he said, credit is due.

"I have been in God's favor," Johnson said. "There are many times I should have failed, but didn't. I have to give God the credit. Without a background in business, it was by the grace of God that the business has succeeded."

Johnson graduated from Troy State University with a degree in chemistry. He worked for Hudson as a chemist and started developing hunting products on the side.

"There came a time when I knew I either had to go into product development full time or not go into it at all," he said. "In 1988, I took the leap of faith."

The hunting line was seasonal so Johnson began to look for a product line that was year around and he settled on the cleaning products line.

Now, when things fall into place, he will get the horse and cart in line and relocate to a larger facility that will meet his growing needs.