Opionion pieces published in The Messenger’s Online Edition during September 1999 included:

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

September 3, 1999


Some crimes deserve worthy punishment

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There has been no trial, nor has there been any evidence presented. And until Thursday there had been no arrest. Perhaps for the first time since two Dothan girls were found murdered many people will be able to sleep a little easier at night.

Column: Amy Lansdon

Sometimes dogs are trouble for patient dog lovers

I know that the majority of my columns are about my dogs. And maybe one day the fascination I have with my dogs will wear off or either I will have children. But until then you will probably be updated about the antics of my canines on a regular basis.

September 5, 1999


Course in hunter safety makes sense

A hunter education course was recently held in Troy to teach novice hunters the importance of hunter safety.

September 9, 1999


Voting should be a priviledge, not an obligation

The Alabama Education Lottery vote is just around the corner, and it’s time to make a decision about whether you are for or against a state lottery in Alabama.

September 12, 1999


Brundidge job losses show

continued need to recruit business

The work of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce is never complete.

September 14, 1999


Alabama should have licensed

inspector for fairs rides

Many people, young and old alike, look forward to fall for football season and state and county fairs. Football season is already upon us and the exciting state and county fairs are already being advertised.

September 15, 1999


Prayer at flag poles is refreshing thing

On your way to work and school this morning, you may notice something out of the ordinary.

Column: Fran Sharp

Geezette brand proves more stubborn than dirt

Falling into the "older than dirt" category makes one want to struggle to his feet and get clean again. Alas, once you’ve been branded a "geezer" (or geezette) by the Internet, the stain is forever there.

September 16, 1999


Farmers have paid enough for ’99 drought

State officials are considering requesting 65 of 67 counties in the state of Alabama be declared federal disaster areas for the purposes of financial relief due to this summer’s drought.

Column: Michelle Wilson

Food court addition packs sentimental punch

The dedication of the Trojan Express food court Wednesday at Troy State University was truly a festive occasion.

September 16, 1999


More weather sirens benefit entire county

Storms stirring up in the tropics have recently had people from the East Coast fleeing inland, and more than once have had Pike County residents concerned about the storms heading our way.

Column: Amy Lansdon

Birthday fun leads to discovering addiction

I have left the issue of the lottery alone for a long time. But now I want to make three statements concerning the lottery and that will be all. 1) I will vote yes to the lottery bill, 2) I will vote yes because I want my children to have the opportunity to go to college free, and 3) I hope the lottery doesn’t lead to legalized gambling because I can’t even handle AdventureLand. With that said let me tell you why I fear legalized gambling and why I can never go to Las Vegas or Biloxi.

September 19, 1999


Lives and property depend on

following new ‘no burn’ order

The drought emergency, no burn order and fire alert are serious business.

Column: Amanda Bradley

Salamanders make tricky prey for hunters

There it was. I had heard about it but had not had the opportunity to see it yet. It was bigger than I had imagined. A lot longer than had originally been mentioned. It was shiny with stripes.

September 21, 1999


Removing trade barriers between

nations brings job loss to south Alabama

There seems to be little doubt that free trade agreements have contributed to the significant loss of Alabama businesses and industries.

Column: Amanda Bradley

Children need a strong Christian foundation

I believe that some of the "old ways" are the best ways. I believe in "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." Therefore I tend to get on the preverbial "soapbox" every now and then on some issues.

September 22, 1999


New city utility ordinance keeps taxpayers in mind

At its last meeting, the Troy City Council did a good thing by changing the utility ordinance.

September 23, 1999


This week, families, community

unite to support schools

If ever there was a week for fans to support their local schools and sports teams, this is it.

Column: Michelle Wilson

Falling temperatures bring gardening chores

As temperatures start to cool this week, I have begun thinking about one of my favorite times of year – autumn.

September 24, 1999


Penalty for gruesome murders should be death

No level of punishment can take away the horror of a crime once it has been committed.

September 28, 1999


Prayer, meditation has its place in schools

Prayer. It is an important part of many people’s lives, but does it have it’s place in our schools?

Column: Amanda Bradley

Broken speed limits, belting out

fight song all part of game day

Well, this weekend was a first for me. I don’t know if I like it or not, but I guess things have to change. It felt weird to just be sitting there, watching the action.

September 29, 1999


Arts Council improves quality of life in Troy

With the start of school comes another familiar tradition in Pike County – a new season for the Troy Council on the Arts & Humanities.

Column: Fran Sharp

Little lies sown can reap big problems

Unlike beauty, truth is not in the eye of the beholder. If one believes what one hears from the White House these days, truth is relative.

September 30, 1999


Lottery forum was invaluable to public

What happened Tuesday night at the Pike County Courthouse was the process of education in motion for an adult audience.

Column: Michelle Wilson

Lottery plan would help Alabama students

Earlier this week, the Alabama Association of University women hosted a lottery forum at which foes of Gov. Don Siegelman’s Alabama Lottery for Education criticized the program, which would fund college scholarships.