Opionion pieces published in The Messenger’s Online Edition during November 1999 included:

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

November 2, 1999

Column by Amanda Bradley:

Being apart shows relationships are worth having

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I have often spoke about the little things no one tells you about when you are getting married. One of those things is the fact that you see less of your fiancee after getting engaged than when you were courting.

November 3, 1999

Column by Fran Sharp:

Deoderant, plumbing… that’s a century of progress

So maybe we’ve not seen a hundred years despite what our joints tell us as we struggle from our morning bed, but we’ve seen hundreds of improvements in our lifetimes and just what’s the most important, after all? Importance is a relative thing, depending on who is doing the scoring.


Red Ribbon Week a success for area law enforcement agencies

Area law enforcement officers spent much of last week teaching school-aged children about the dangers of illegal drugs.

November 4, 1999

Column by Brian Blackley:

This week’s troubles point to a deeper problem in society

It was one of those pages that excites the imagination and leads to a sincere feeling of sadness about what is happening in the world at the same time.


Improvements to web page planned; let us know what you want

The age of the Internet has arrived and The Messenger is keeping you, the reader, in mind as we enhance and improve the information we have made available through the worldwide web.


Jingling of local cash registers brings better quality of life to area

With the changing of the leaves and the thought of the Thanksgiving holidays entering daily discussion, it is obvious that Christmas is practically around the corner.

Christmas means longer lines at the stores, a premium on parking spaces near store fronts and the steady beeping and jingling of the cash registers.

November 5, 1999


Show your support of the Trojans Saturday

For those who might have been trapped under something heavy over the past three weeks and have been unable to receive the latest sports news, the Troy State Trojan football team is ranked No. 1 in every Division I-AA poll across the country.

Column by Michelle Wilson:

Getting the right bird feeder is no easy task

Last week I discussed creating a habitat for birds in your back yard. If you’ve decided to invite birds into your garden by tailoring your landscape to their needs, you may be thinking about what kind of feeder to use for them.

November 8, 1999


Strong fan showing makes TSU victory that much sweeter

Troy State’s huge win over then No. 19 Stephen F. Austin was a complete success for everyone concerned Saturday, but it was only one step towards the Trojans’ ultimate goal of winning it all in 1999.

November 10, 1999


Training Center money results from hard work by area legislators

A delegation of area state legislators announced a $1 million bond issue Monday to build a training center at Lockheed Martin in Troy.

November 11, 1999


Festivals will offer clean family fun

This week Pike County is offering its residents something special, which is not unusual considering the emphasis on family and wholesome entertainment area officials have demonstrated in the past.

November 12, 1999


One day barely pays homage to those who served, but it’s a start

Thursday, America saluted and appreciated one of its most important groups of people – veterans.

Column by Amy Lansdon:

Farming is no easy task, as my corn stalk proves

The winners for Farm/City Week have been chosen and I didn’t win anything. I waited for Jaine Treadwell to turn around in her chair at the office and say, "Amy, I need to interview you for the Farm City tab." But she didn’t. She just went on her merry way interviewing everyone who actually won.

November 14, 1999


Seatbelts important as holidays grow closer and traffic increases

Whether you are making plans for the upcoming holiday season to travel or plan to stay in Pike County, it is important to be aware of increased traffic through Troy, according to the Troy Police Department.

November 16, 1999


Hard work pays off with success of Pioneer Day

The Pike Pioneer Museum’s Pioneer Day proved to be a smashing success, with scads of people turning out to take in the day’s events, including a show-stopping performance by Scheer’s Lumberjacks.

Column by Michelle Wilson:

Sunflower seeds are highly recommended for bird feeding

This is the third column in a series I have been writing on inviting birds into your backyard. This week we will look at different types of bird feed.

November 17, 1999


Gov. Don Siegelman has issued a statement saying that children will go homeless, convicted prisoners will be unleashed on society and the elderly will go hungry if the state can’t find a swift resolution to the franchise-tax problem.

November 18, 1999


Remains of downtown bring to mind a number of troubling questions

As downtown Goshen continues to crumble, we have to wonder if a community center is what the town needs.

Column by Amanda Bradley:

Ahhh, the pleasures of good times and good friends

Now I’m on the downward slope and I’m having the time of my life!

November 19, 1999


‘Smokeout’ proves valuable lesson

Though the success of the Great American Smokeout 1999 may never be fully realized, the fact is that today, people across America took a break from an addictive and potentially deadly habit.

Column by Amy Lansdon:

County offers plenty of activity for holiday season

If the weather has you fooled again this year, the decorations, special services and open houses assure us all that the holidays are coming. It’s time to start planning our Thanksgiving meals, start Christmas shopping and buy canned goods and save water for Y2K.

November 21, 1999


Spending less money a better way out than replacing what’s lost

According to Gov. Don Siegelman, babies will face starvation, orphans will be homeless, prisoners will be on the streets and the elderly will be denied health care unless the legislature approves his solution to the loss of $120 million in taxes lost due to a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

November 23, 1999


Christmas Parade needs support of local residents

Troy’s Christmas Parade will hit downtown in less than one week and businesses and organizations are being encouraged to sign up and enter the celebration.

A Christmas Parade is a great way for businesses and organizations to showcase their civic pride and serves as a tremendously effective tool in promoting the town as well.

November 24, 1999


Help protect county’s economy and shop locally for holidays

Friday, just two days from now, the shopping season will explode in what most retailers expect to be their busiest day of the year.

Column by Brian Blackley:

Are we losing touch with what holidays are about?

Each year when the holidays arrive, I seem to feel a little less excited than I was the year before.

November 25, 1999


Spread Thanksgiving by counting blessings

Today is a the day for each of us to take time and give thanks for the blessing which have been bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving is a special time when family and friends gather together at the dinner table and share dreams, memories and simply being together.

Column by Amanda Bradley:

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but goodbye just the same

It seems that all good things must come to an end.

November 30, 1999


Trojans enter the next round and they need your support

Remember a week ago Sunday when the Troy State Trojans and all those around the team were mad about the seeding the NCAA Division I-AA selection committee gave them in the playoff brackets? Well, just scratch all that complaining cause everything is just peachy now.

Column by Michelle Wilson:

Field guides top birdwatcher’s Christmas wish list

Although the biggest shopping day of the year has come and gone, you may still be at a loss for gift ideas. If someone on your list is interested in birds or is looking for an enjoyable hobby, a field guide to birds would be a great gift.