Letter: K-12, higher education

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

shouldn’t be in ‘tug of war’

I read your article regarding the cuts between K-12 and Higher Education and you make some good points but K-12 and higher education shouldn’t be set up in a tug of war. You have a lot of power in the press but don’t seem to use it in a way that would benefit all parties to the dispuute. I’m at a loss as to why so few Alabamians are willing to step up to the plate and address the real problem, revenue generation. It’s been said that if Alabama’s property taxes were doubled we would still be the last in the nation. Does this make sense? I teach at TSU and I have to tell you that we break our necks to give these kids a decent education. Our job is made even tougher when we have to make up for the education they should have gotten get in K through 12.

As far as I can see we have a leadership problem in this state. Higher education backed Governor Siegelman in his bid for election because we felt he had to be better than Fob James. Seems as though we blew it. The governor was elected to lead this state but so far all I can see is that he has chosen to roll over and play dead. If he is not willing to assume the responsibilities that he was elected to execute then he should do us all a favor and resign and let someone take over who will.

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I’ve lived in many regions of this country (I’m 62) and you need to understand that Alabama is far from a leading edge state. If this situation is allowed to drag on and we keep penalizing higher education our good students will leave for opportunity and education in other states. Frankly I wouldn’t blame them. Maybe this doesn’t bother you or some of the other old timers in the state but remember, when college age Alabamians leave they also take the future grand children with them. When they do all we’ll have left is our rocking chairs, the local Dairy Queen, and status quo.

Jim Hoyt

Asst. Professor, TSU

March 13, 2001 10 PM  

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