Editorial missed the point,

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

pitted K-12 against higher ed

You guys have missed the point of the issue completely.

You are in a position to rally a cause for both K-12 and Higher Ed but choose to pit one against the other.

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Your approach is no different than the ineffective legislators in Montgomery that protect pork barrel spending in their districts.

The point of the message should be to cut neither segment of our educational system.

Our legislators waste much more of the taxpayer’s money than we are discussing relative to education.

Additionally, the same legislators have known for a long time that budget proration would become a necessity again at some point and chose to take no action to address the issue.

If they operated their private businesses in the same manner they would be either broke or fired.

Hold those responsible for the problem accountable and stop pitting the victims against each other.

Tully Burnett

Director of Auxiliary Services

Troy State University

March 16, 2001 10 PM  

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