Area’s top poultry growers recognized

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Staff Writer

March 31, 2001 10 PM

This past summer’s weather may have hurt the poultry business, but those who came through it with minor scratches were recently recognized for their efforts.

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Poultry farmers associated with Wayne Farms were recognized during a banquet last Friday.

"It’s been a difficult year for us," said Jack Sherwood of Wayne Farms.

Despite the difficulties, Wayne Farms processed 31 million chickens weighing in at 220 million pounds.

Wayne Farms’ average bird weighed seven pounds at seven weeks, meaning the poultry farmers produced just over 5 flocks in 2000, said Tony Wood of Wayne Farms.

"The number one issue here is the out time," Sherwood said. "We’ve got to reduce that out time."

In order to make improvements, Wayne Farms spent over $900,000 at the Troy facilities last year and has budgeted $1 million for 2001.

"We’ve got to be competitive with the industry," Sherwood said of the poultry business, which is growing every year.

The number of awards presented at the banquet indicated an element of success, despite the elements Mother Nature handed out last year.

For the second year, Curtis and Traci Shaver of Little Oak Farm were recognized as Hen Producer of the Year for flock sold in 2000.

Others who received plaques for Outstanding Performance for flock sold were Bill Tyson, Don Spradley, Jerry Edson, Jimmy Free and Wayne Mullins.

Wayne Farms recognized Dorman #1 for Best Pullet Livability at 21 Weeks and Pullet Grower of the Year. Willodean Senn was presented an award for Best Feed Conversion at 21 Weeks.

Eleven plaques went to broiler producers.

Kenneth Grice was named Top Broiler Producer for 2000. Those recognized for Outstanding Broiler Performance were: Kim Green, Kendrick Farm, Jerry Hudson, T&K Farm, Imogene Hicks, Jimmy Welch, Jack Davis, Mitchell Farm, River View Farm and Sandy Creek Farm.

After being presented plaques, poultry farmers were also given door prizes donated by businesses who work in the poultry industry.