BOE approves renovations at Goshen

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 9, 2002

BNI Newswire

When the Goshen Eagles take football flight on Aug. 30, the Pike County Board of Education is expecting them to have a new concessions stand and press box.

Board members approved up to $32,000 for what will be a public works project.

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"Two things qualify this for a public works project," Superintendent Dr. John Key said during the Tuesday board meeting. "One is the time issue. This has to be done by Aug. 30 because that is their first game.

"The second is the safety factor. In its current condition, the place is just not safe."

A project under public works status allows a government entity to spend up to $50,000 without bidding the project out.

Key originally quoted the price at just more than $29,000, but said needed insulation would require additional funds.

Board member Linda Steed recommended the board approve $32,000 to ensure funding.

"We don’t want to approve one amount and it be more and us not bea able to get the work done," she said.

Currently, the pressbox is located directly above the concession stand. Exposed wood on the structure has began to rot, and Key said the structure is now unsafe for use.

"When I first started looking at this project, I got a contractor to get us a price for suspending the pressbox over the concession stand," he said. "When they told me it might be as much as $100,000, I stopped the project there."

After consulting with another superintendent, Key decided to go another route.

With the new contractors, Key said the structure will remain much like it is today.

Plans call for the roof of the concession stand to be removed and a second floor to be added. That will make the concession stand and pressbox one structure.

"There will be no exposed wood the way they are going t do it," Key said. "Hopefully that will not only help us now, but it will keep us from facing the same problem in the future."