Commission cleans up books after audit

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Messenger Intern

The Pike County Commission passed two pay raises Monday in a move described as an effort to "clean up the minutes."

"The two employees were supposed to get put in minutes as achieving their pay grade, which means they had completed everything they were supposed to and assumed extra duties," said Karen Berry, chairperson.

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The pay rates for two county positions, administrative assistant and chief accountant, had changed but had not been documented during the past fiscal year. The commission noted the raises in the night’s minutes to straighten out the issue.

"It wasn’t done to the satisfaction of the audit reports. This is just a cleanup measure, so there will be documentation for the record," said Harry Sanders, county administrator.

In other business, The commission passed a resolution that will change the way the Probate Office produces conservation licenses.

The licenses always have been done manually by employees, but now the licenses will be made through computer software made available through S & W microcomputers.

"Instead of doing it by hand, it would be done by computers, and that would improve operation within the office," Sanders said.

The transition normally costs $5,000, but, since this is considered a pilot program, Pike County will only be responsible for $2,500. A $250 tray will also need to be added to the existing printer.

"This program will pay for itself. It would take several months, but it ultimately would do so," said Probate Judge Bill Stone.

The program will also be able to combine two licenses into one, so hunting and fishing enthusiasts will no longer have to carry several licenses, according to Stone.

After the software is ordered, which is expected to take a couple of weeks, the program will be started.